ECOBSW Registry

The Evaluation of Cancer Outcomes Barwon South West (ECOBSW) Registry was developed to capture outcomes, patterns of care and quality of care delivered to patients diagnosed with cancer in the Barwon South Western region.

Data includes stage at diagnosis, first line treatments and subsequent outcomes. The dataset provides comprehensive information to inform clinical and population health decision making for all residents of the region.


The data is used to:

  1. Identify variation in care and underlying causes

  2. Monitor incidence, recurrence rates and survival within the region

  3. Monitor patient pathways and identify inappropriate referrals within and external to the region

  4. Determine the degree of compliance (and reasons for non-compliance) with quality of cancer care indicators

  5. Provide detailed information to support service planning

  6. Support research initiatives to understand and improve cancer care in the region

The ECOBSW Registry was awarded the '2015 Project of the Year' at Barwon Health's 16th Annual Quality Awards. For more information please see the FAQ questions below:


Access to ECOBSW data

For research purposes, a de-identified ECOBSW Registry dataset is available on request. All requests are reviewed and approved by the ECOBSW Steering Committee prior to the release of data.

Please ensure you have read our Privacy and Access Policy prior to submitting your request. All requests must include a signed copy of our Data Request Form.

What type of data can be requested?

Requests can be made for aggregate, de-identified data extracts, summary ad-hoc reports and/or data linkages for appropriate research. All data requests are formally reviewed by the ECOBSW Steering Committee.

Who can request data?

Any interested parties may request data extracts and summary data reports for the purposes of academic research, clinical review, departmental planning or other investigation.

How can data be requested?

All applications must conform to the conditions set out in the ECOBSW Privacy and Access Policy. Researchers are required to seek and obtain local HREC approval for proposed research before ECOBSW can release any data for purposes outside its primary quality assurance scope.

It is best to contact ECOBSW directly before submitting a written request for data or obtaining HREC approval to ensure the project is eligible for consideration.

Process for requesting access to data are as follows:

  1. Interested parties should first contact Dr Margaret Rogers to discuss project regarding eligibility.
  2. Read the ECOBSW Privacy and Access Policy.
  3. Complete the Data Request Form.
  4. Submit the Data Request Form and supporting documents to Dr Margaret Rogers.
  5. ECOBSW Steering Committee will meet and review the application.
  6. Notification of the outcome will be sent to applicant.

Conditions of access to ECOBSW data

  • Data is released with a strict caveat and conditions of use and all researchers must sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Any further use of the data that extends beyond the approved original scope must be approved by the ECOBSW Steering Committee.
  • Similarly, any additional requests from new researchers to collaborate on previously released ECOBSW data must be reviewed by the ECOBSW Steering Committee.
  • Provision of data requests and/or analyses may incur a cost recovery fee, at the discretion of ECOBSW.
For more information please contact Leigh Matheson.

Important Information

Key contact in BSWRICS:

Dr Margaret Rogers


M: 03 4215 0468

Leigh Matheson


M: 03 4215 0464

ECOBSW Data Governance

In order to maintain privacy, confidentiality and data security, the ECOBSW Registry has a comprehensive governance structure including a robust data management framework.

Information collected and collated by the ECOBSW Registry is stored in a secure, password protected database. The data is housed and managed in accordance with the Improving Cancer Outcomes Act 2014 and does not contravene statutes or Health Privacy Principles contained in the Health Records Act 2001.

A Steering Committee was established to provide oversight of the ECOBSW Registry. Responsibilities include:

  • Develop policies for data access

  • Respond to quality of care issues

  • Review research and data requests

  • Protect the needs and interests of all stakeholders

  • Oversee financial responsibilities

  • Promote compliance with privacy legislation

  • Promote data quality improvement processes

  • Incorporate consumer perspective

Important Information

Key contact in BSWRICS:

Dr Margaret Rogers


M: 03 4215 0468

Leigh Matheson


M: 03 4215 0464

ECOBSW Clinical Indicator Program

The ECOBSW Registry allows us to measure and monitor the degree to which health care benefits the patient, and how closely that care aligns with evidence-based practice.

In 2014, we commenced a clinical quality indicator program designed to provide a snapshot of the care administered on a daily basis across our region. Indicators were selected based on common presentations, evidence, importance for safety and quality, and these can be analysed using the ECOBSW dataset. 

The clinical indicators were developed by an expert working group following an extensive review of Australian and International clinical practice guidelines.

Victorian Cancer Performance Indicators

The Victorian Cancer Performance Indicator program was established to measure progress with the implementation of Victorian Government cancer reform policy in the areas of multidisciplinary care (MDC), supportive care and coordination of care. 

A range of regional health services participate in the bi-annual audit. 

BSWRICS is required to report on five key indicators:

  • Documented evidence of multidisciplinary team recommendations

  • Documented evidence of disease staging in multidisciplinary team recommendations

  • Documented evidence of patient Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG) performance status in multidisciplinary team recommendations

  • Documented evidence of communication of initial treatment plan to GP

  • Documented evidence of supportive care screening


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