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Cancer Mind Care 

 Cancer Mind Care is a free, self-help online   platform that offers tailored mental health   support.

 With all details anonymous and confidential,   Cancer Mind Care represents a non-   threatening, first step for individuals seeking   access to cancer psychology support and   services

Latest Updates
Care of the Older Person with Cancer 

The VICS have recently published the Care of the Older Person with Cancer Toolkit which has been developed to assist health services to implement geriatric oncology interventions and thereby create an environment which will address the holistic outcomes of the older person with cancer.  The toolkit is monitored by VICS staff to ensure currency of information and useability.

The project has been led by HRICS and SMICS and the toolkit was developed by Sian Wright, Project Lead – Cancer Service Improvement, HRICS and 

Tracey Bucki, Senior Project Manager, SMICS.

  Updated toolkit released  August 2023

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HRICS Funding Program 2024
"Growing the Good Ideas"


Applications for Hume Regional Integrated Cancer Services (HRICS) Small Grants Program for 2024 “Growing the Good Ideas” is closing  FRIDAY 23rd February.

This grants program aims to improve patient and/or carer access, experience, and outcomes, reducing variation in optimal care.

The projects are time limited up to three-month duration with funding allocation up to the value of $5000.

Please find the link above to our Small Grants Program Guidelines containing further information.

For an Application form or to discuss a project idea please contact:

  1. Ms Virginia Mitsch, HRICS Project Manager,

  2. Ms Monique Beecroft, Project Lead – Cancer Service Improvement,

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VICS Commissioned Artwork
“Hope and Connection - Bunjil”
Artist- Vegas Fitzmaurice


VICS commissioned this artwork to represent our commitment to providing an all encompassing and welcoming space for all indigenous and non-indigenous people. 

HRICS, as part of VICS, support the process of working towards improved cancer outcomes for all patients receiving care in health services across the Hume Region.

HRICS engaged with all our MoU health services and offered a complimentary framed or canvas print to display within their clinical or waiting room environments.

Over ten health services accepted and will display the artwork supporting engagement, connection and cultural inclusion. 

Background by Artist - Vegas Fitzmaurice 

This painting represents the growth
from the time we arrive on the land
to the time we go back to it. As we
connect to the lands and country we
travel through life from birth to death.
This painting shows us the hope and the
journey we face. Ultimately we are all
one with the environment we share and
our connection is vital to that”

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HRICS Annual  Report 2022/23 
2022/23 Annual Report Release


HRICS is pleased to release the 2022/23 Annual Report.

This is an opportunity for HRICS to celebrate the great innovations, initiatives and opportunities that have contributed to improved cancer service delivery models which impact on the experience and outcomes of patients with cancer within the Hume Region. 

      Please click on the link above to view

Our Partners:

The Victorian Integrated Cancer Services are supported by the Victorian Government 

© 2020 Hume Regional Integrated Cancer Service

The Victorian Integrated Cancer Services acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of the land and acknowledges and pays respect to their Elders, past and present. We celebrate, value and include people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, cultures, bodies and abilities.

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