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Cancer Screening & COVID-19

During the COVID-19 crisis of 2020, the numbers of patients being screened for cancer has fallen. HRICS would like to encourage members of the public to continue to visit their GP regularly for checkups and undertake screening tests for cancer in order to prevent further complications. All health services in the region have put in place extra measures to ensure that screening is safe for members of the public.

Virtual Meeting
HRICS Annual Forum 2021

The HRICS Annual Forum was held on Monday 22nd November 2021 in a virtual format due to covid-19 restrictions. The forum brought together stakeholders from across the Hume region to celebrate the accomplishments of cancer services in the past year. There were presentations by the regions’ clinical directors, Dr Craig Underhill and Dr Javier Torres, as well as a presentation by Liz Ibrom and Catriona Rogash. It also featured a video of the challenges of COVID created by the Wellness Centre users.

Cancer Wellness Programs

Transitioning cancer patients from community rehab to supported self-management in the community.

  The Community Cancer Exercise program was established at Primary Care Connect community health service in collaboration with HRICS and GV Health.  The program also allows patients to continue their cancer wellness and exercise in a supported community setting.  

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