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Consumer driven projects

Consumers engaged with the VICS, are involved in and also initiate many projects that assist others affected by cancer.

Some of these projects have led to the development of resources to assist people affected by cancer.

You can become familiar with the range of resources such as videos, podcasts and other resources by clicking here

Consumer driven projects
A podcast series designed and created by the Grampians ICS Consumers
Survivorship podcast.png

This short podcast series introduces you to the common types of treatment you might be undertaking as a new cancer survivor.

We’ve talked to the experts, we’ve talked with other ordinary survivors. We’ve collected the information we think you might be able to use but this podcast doesn’t replace conversations. You need to take control of your own survivor journey, to talk to your doctors and specialists. Chat with your nursing team. Discuss ideas with your family and friends. Cancer can feel like a lonely journey but it’s not something you have to take on alone.

NEMICS consumers had the bright idea to develop My Cancer Care Record
Folders cropped & my CCR logo.png

A patient-held information resource to assist people affected by cancer to store and record relevant information related to their care & treatment.


Consumers not only advocated for the development of the resource, but led decision making across each step - from the name, logo, format and design. Consumers worked with clinicians to determine relevant content, rollout and evaluation processes and want to see it available for all newly diagnosed patients.

My Cancer Care Record
Cancer Podcast
PICS Consumer Participation Framework
PICS image_20220216_edited.jpg

Consumers of the Paediatric Integrated Cancer Service (PICS) are unique because they include children, young people, their families and carers. The PICS Consumer Participation Framework was co-created with consumers to guide what, where, when and how PICS consumers can participate in service improvement projects.

Rhonda's Story: travel for treatment
Loddon-Mallee - 14.jpg

The personal stories of regional patients who transfer between WCMICS and LMICS health services for treatment highlight many issues and heightened our awareness of the need to improve the connectedness of cancer care for patients and carers” Rhonda is one of the many patients traveling long distances for cancer care and treatment. This her story ...

This video provides a moving personal account of the effort required by a farming family to travel from regional Victoria to the City for treatment. It raises awareness about the importance of regional access to cancer clinical trials and the inadequacy of aspects of the patient travel and accommodation support scheme.

Rhonda's Story
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