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It is useful to keep a record of any medications you are taking. This is information members of your health care team will regularly ask you about.

It is very important that you understand why you are being asked to take medication and the best way to take it.

You should also tell your doctors and other health care professionals about any other medications/supplements/vitamins that you are taking or are planning to take.

Keeping this information helps you to:

  • know the names of the medications you are taking

  • know why you need to take them

  • remember when and how to take them

  • keep track of when you started/stopped each medication

  • know about any side effects

Use the medication summary table to record any medications/supplements/vitamins you are taking. Keep this list up-to-date - cross out any medications you no longer need to take and add any new ones.

Also included are questions you might like to ask your healthcare professionals about your medications.

Click on the links below to fill in or print extra pages for your My Cancer Care Record folder:

Questions you might ask about your medication

Download PDF • 120KB

Medication summary table

Download PDF • 174KB