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Get Involved
Get Involved

NEMICS recognises that one of the best ways of enhancing patient care is to listen to and value the voice of people who have experience with cancer and of health care services.   


It was because of this understanding that NEMICS formed a Consumer Reference Group. Our Consumer Reference Group work with NEMICS and health services within the region to provide the consumer and community perspective on issues raised. They advocate for the concerns of those affected by cancer including patients, their families, carers and communities.     

If you have had an experience of cancer or supported someone through cancer, your knowledge can help us understand the needs of people affected by cancer and contribute to improvements to cancer services. 


  • You can participate in a range of ways, including membership of the NEMICS Consumer Reference Group    

  •  involvement on project committees, attending small group discussions and workshops 

  • reviewing and providing feedback on patient information pamphlets and service improvement ideas 

  • volunteering your time to support people in the community. 


If you would like to be involved or wish to find out more, please contact: 

Helena Rodi 
Service Improvement and Consumer Manager 
Ph: (03) 9496 3455 

“It is very satisfying to know that the issues we have
input to, or involvement in,
are making improvements
to the way cancer services
are delivered,……
which we hope leads to better outcomes and experiences
for others”

Janine Rossely -
NEMICS Consumer Reference Group member
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A Common Path Cancer Support And Advice Videos

The ‘A common path’ suite of cancer support and advice videos have been developed by NEMICS for people who have been newly diagnosed with cancer.  They provide people with an opportunity to learn from others who have already experienced a cancer diagnosis and treatment, highlighting how they made decisions, the things they learned along the way, the things that helped, and things they wish they had known or done better.


Consumer input has been crucial in the development of these videos.  Involvement has included :

  • the NEMICS Consumer Reference Group who were central in the development of the project idea

  • participation in focus groups to identify the issues people face when diagnosed with cancer; and

  • people sharing their experiences as participants of the videos. 


The videos can be found on  YouTube under the ‘A common path’ channel 


A total of 16 videos have been produced.  Fourteen relate to specific cancer types and there are two general videos


Common path podcast
A Common Path Cancer Support And Advice Podcasts

The ‘A Common Path’ series of cancer support and advice podcasts have been developed by NEMICS for people who have been newly diagnosed with cancer.


They provide people with an opportunity to learn from others who had already experienced a cancer diagnosis and treatment, highlighting how they made decisions, the things they learned along the way, the things that helped, and the things they wish they had known or done better.


The podcasts are available on Spotify, Podbean, Google Podcasts and other major podcast apps. 


My Cancer Care Record is a resource that helps people affected by cancer (patients, carers, families and support people) to manage the information related to their care and treatment.   

It provides tips on questions and information to ask health professionals.  It can also assist you to record specific details that you may be frequently asked and find hard to remember. 

The folder is aimed at helping with issues related to managing information when you have multiple treatments provided by multiple people, across different services and over long periods of time. It can assist you to be able to communicate across the variety of health care professionals involved in your care. 

My Cancer Care Record can also help the clinicians working with you. It can provide easy access to information they often require such as: 

  • copies of your test results and letters from other hospitals/doctors 

  • current medication, medical and family history, current treatment schedules 

  • details of side effects and symptoms you might have had since your last appointment 

  • contact details of other clinicians involved in your care. 

My Cancer Care Record
Survivorship Resources
Survivorship Resources
Wellness and recovery  

NEMICS health services are working to better support people living with and beyond cancer through partnerships with acute cancer services and local community health services. 

NEMICS projects to date include: 

  • Piloting colorectal cancer shared care 

  • Piloting self-management support models of care within acute cancer services 

  • Supporting implementation and evaluation of survivorship clinics 

  • Supporting review of haematology survivorship clinic 

  • Assessing learning needs in community health services across our region 

  • Supporting the implementation of new referral pathways and resources 

  • Supporting local community health services to apply for grants to establish new cancer services 

  • Collaborating to secure grants to develop new targeted information resources. 


Current initiatives 
  • We are funding survivorship initiatives with breast cancer services at Northern Health and Eastern Health. 

  • We are delivering education to community health services to increase access to evidence-based allied health cancer care in our region. (Feb-August 2021) 

  • We supported Your Community Health (Darebin) to apply for a Cancer Australia grant to establish an allied health and dental service pathway for people affected by cancer in northern Melbourne. (May 2021) 

For further information about survivorship initiatives, contact NEMICS on 9496 3322. 


Survivorship initiatives in NEMICS health services


Austin Health

Brain tumour support group


Endocrine breast cancer clinic
Dedicated clinic addressing survivorship issues (including bone health, menopausal symptoms and cardiovascular risk management) in women who are prescribed adjuvant endocrine therapy.  The clinic enables translational and clinical research in ER/PR+ breast cancer and  links to wellness centre acupuncture, massage and psychology services.  Contact:


Haematology late effects and healthy living clinic
Austin Health haematology service provides a nurse-led late effects and healthy living clinic. 


Haematology survivorship Clinic

The haematology survivorship clinic provides holistic assessment and referral to a range of wellness and community services.  They have delivered projects investigating a nutrition intervention following stem cell transplantation and the impact of computer brain training on cancer-related cognitive changes.  
For more information, contact


Olivia Newton John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre information lounge
The information lounge provides an excellent range of electronic and paper-based information resources for people at all stages in the cancer journey.


Prostate Cancer Survivorship Clinic

Austin Health received a NEMICS service improvement grant to improve care provided to men after prostate cancer.  Targeting men treated with radiotherapy, this initiative provides holistic assessment, care planning and care coordination at end of treatment.
For more information, contact Carla.D'


Wellness Centre services

  • Supportive care and group interventions accessible to people living with/beyond cancer.  Programs include: mindfulness meditation, relaxation,  yoga, support groups and educational groups.

  • Live Well Program: evidence-based group program promoting emotional wellbeing, diet and exercise after cancer



Carrington Health

Carrington Health Good Life Cancer Survivorship Program

Carrington Health, a community health service in Box Hill have established a new Good Life Cancer Survivorship Program with support from a Department of Health and Human Services Victorian Cancer Survivorship Program grant.  A partnership project with Eastern Health and NEMICS, the service provides allied health interventions to people with/after cancer.  With access to services including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietetics and counselling, the service assists people to get back to life after cancer and to maximise function and quality of life for people living with cancer.


Eastern Health

Eastern Health Breast Service survivorship care planning

Eastern Health are establishing health and wellbeing care planning for women who have completed treatment.
For more information, contact Mary-Anne Dennemoser

Useful links
Useful links

You can find useful links to other cancer related website and resources on our resources page.


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