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"Any life-threatening condition carries with it deeply personal challenges for the person involved, family and friends etc. 

By bringing these personal perspectives to bear, consumer engagement can play a vital part in both humanising and improving the services delivered by the health system.“  Mike (Consumer)

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Consumer spotlight
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Meet a Consumer

Meet Neil a  consumer.  Neil is currently volunteering as a consumer representative on the LMICS Governance group.

Read more about Neil's contribution and support

Old and Young

Volunteering as a Consumer with VICS

Interested in understanding how to get involved? Email your enquiry to:


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Meet a Consumer

Meet Alan a  consumer.  Alan has participated in a range of roles including participating in a consumer group during COVID.

Read more about Alan's contribution and support

Consume spotlight
Partnering with Consumers
Who is a Consumer?
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The Victorian Integrated Cancer Services are committed to understanding and improving the experiences of people affected by cancer.

We include and value the voices of consumers and community members.
We partner with consumers and community members in the development, design, evaluation and improvement of Victorian cancer services and the broader cancer system.
Consumers are people affected by cancer, living with it and/or caring/supporting someone with cancer


people who contribute their voice, perspective and knowledge of the lived experience, in helping to improve services for others.
Mother and Daughter
Partneing with Consumers
Who ar Our Consumers?
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