The Southern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service (SMICS) provides a network to improve the quality and continuity of patient care and ensures that appropriate links exist between health services to optimise patient pathways for persons affected by cancer. SMICS is pivotal in ensuring strong coordination and planning across the southern Melbourne region.

Our Region

SMICS services south east Melbourne, the fastest growing population area in Victoria.  The SMICS catchment covers a total area of 2,967 square kilometers.  It aligns most closely with eleven local government areas (LGAs).


The SMICS region is also home to a significant refugee population. The City of  Greater Dandenong is a Refugee Welcome Zone committed to upholding the rights of refugees and enhancing cultural and religious diversity.


Cancer Incidence in southern Melbourne

The annual incidence for new cancer diagnosis in our region currently exceeds 9,617 with more than 2,910 persons dying from cancer each year.

Our member health services deliver over 71,200 episodes of acute cancer care per annum, including medical, surgical, radiation oncology, day chemotherapy, imaging, pathology, palliative care, psycho-oncology, supportive care and allied health services.


episodes of acute cancer care per annum


of cancer patients who reside in the southern Melbourne region survive for 5 years post diagnosis

These services will grow in the coming years with the expansion of Casey Hospital and the growth in cancer service provision within the private sector.


of newly diagnosed cancer patients have their treatment plan discussed at a multi-disciplinary meeting

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Endocrine Glands & Thyroid

New Incidence: 123

5 Year Survival: 95%

Head & Neck

New Incidence: 194

5 Year Survival: 78%

Central Nervous System

New Incidence: 151

5 Year Survival: 25%

Skin (Melanoma)

New Incidence: 660

5 Year Survival: 94%


New Incidence: 932

5 Year Survival: 91%


New Incidence: 672

5 Year Survival: 22%

Upper Gastrointestinal

New Incidence: 615

5 Year Survival: 22%


New Incidence: 677

5 Year Survival: 71%


New Incidence: 944

5 Year Survival: 70%


New Incidence: 2054

5 Year Survival: 92%


New Incidence: 364

5 Year Survival: 68%

(Data Source: Victorian Cancer Registry, Cancer Council Victoria 2020)

Data Request

SMICS has access to a range of administrative datasets and can help you measure / monitor quality in your service, or inform and evaluate improvement initiatives.

If you have a data request or query about how we can help, please contact our Quality Manager, Nell Sproule at


The Victorian Integrated Cancer Services are supported by the Victorian Government 

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