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Patient education videos:
Chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants

Patients often struggle to retain the overwhelming amount of information provided to the pre- and post- treatment education sessions.


We have developed a series of patient education videos led by our virtual nurse Joanne, assisting health services to deliver consistent information about the basics of chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant treatments.

Watch the video below to see what they are all about:

Nurses may find it useful to use these videos when offering education to patients receiving chemotherapy or bone marrow transplants in the following settings:

  • Chemotherapy Day Units

  • Symptom Urgent Review Clinics

  • Haematology and Oncology inpatient units

  • Clinical Nurse Coordinators and Consultants

  • Hospital in the Home

There are six short videos in four different languages to choose from, depending on your patient needs and delivery setting. Click the links below to visit the video resources you require:

These videos were developed in collaboration with cancer nurses from The Royal Melbourne Hospital, St Vincents St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne, Werribee Mercy and Western Health.