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WCMICS Grants Program

The WCMICS Grants Program provides time-limited funding for project ideas that support improvements in cancer patient care.  The focus areas of the program align with the statewide priorities laid out in the Victorian Cancer Plan, where opportunities for improvement and significant impact have been identified.


The Grants Program is divided into 2 funding streams; Innovate & Improve (12-18 month projects) and Scale & Spread (longer term, multisite projects).   The Program encourages effective partnerships and collaboration between other health providers and consumers; to improve coordination, accessibility and quality of care provided to better support all patients affected by cancer.

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WCMICS grants
Optimal Care Pathway Implementation

Optimal Cancer Care Pathways (OCPs) aim to improve patient outcomes by facilitating consistent, safe, high quality and evidence-based care.  OCPs are a framework for consistent, safe, high-quality and evidence based care for people with cancer. They can be used by health services and professionals as a tool to identify gaps in current cancer services and inform quality improvement initiatives across all aspects of the care pathway.

WCMICS continues work on the state-wide adoption of the cancer OCPs and will continue working with partner health services, clinicians and consumers.  ​​

Our Work

Our local work plan is driven by key priority areas from the Victorian Cancer Plan. It guides the focus and direction of the work we do at WCMICS for the next 12+ months. 

Some examples of key pieces of work currently underway are listed below:

Current Projects

Improving elective surgery access: a collaboration with West Metro Health Service Partnership

Health Service Partnerships were established as an enduring element of the Victorian health system, following the COVID19 pandemic.  The HSP model requires health services to work together on a small number of strategic system priorities that can be enhanced through working in collaboration.  This includes elective surgery recovery and reform activities at each stage of the patient journey, addressing both the supply and demand drivers of elective surgery access. Working with the Metro West HSP, WCMICS will lend project management expertise supporting key recovery and reform priorities in elective surgery.

Project leads: Travis Hall / Kate Whitehead

Implementing the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island OCP

As part of the VICS Implementation Plan, WCMICS is leading a statewide program of work to improve workforce knowledge of the OCP and to improve the understanding of the unique needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with cancer. Planned stage 1 activities across all ICS for the next 12 months include:

  • Internal capability assessment of ICS staff

  • cultural awareness and training program for ICS staff

  • local Health service capability assessment

Project lead: Dilu Rupassara

Monitoring and reporting of OCPs

As part of the VICS Implementation Plan, WCMICS is leading a statewide project that addresses unwarranted variation against the OCPs. This project leverages off existing clinical indicator work, and will define and implement a standardised monitoring and reporting process. Over the next 6months, we will develop:

  • a suite of indicators, derived from existing data sources, covering aspects of the patient journey and key components of the service delivery focusing on the ICS areas of responsibility in the Victorian Cancer Plan 2020-2024.

  • a consistent set of regular data reports against the full suite of agreed indicators for ICS member health services.

  • a smaller select number of non-automated indicators, which may be incorporated into the Victorian Cancer Services Performance Indicator (CSPI) audits for ongoing monitoring.

Project lead: Michael Barton / Sandra Pickens

Facilitating high quality survivorship care

As part of the VICS Implementation Plan, WCMICS (on behalf of the VICS) is co-leading a statewide program of work, in partnership with the ACSC.  Over the next 24 months, the VICS and ACSC will co-design and implement a statewide approach to survivorship care; building on the learnings and momentum created by several recent and large programs of work, including Embed and Spread (E&S) Phase I.

Project lead: Frezsa Fulia

PIVOT: Patient Information Videos on Oncofertility Treatment

Working with the Reproductive Services Unit at The Royal Women's Hospital (the largest provider of fertility preservation service across Victoria for cancer patients); WCMICS will develop local, timely and specific patient videos, that will be available to all, will expand reach to consumers. Our project will enable more patients to be aware of options such as medical fertility preservation with zoladex (a hormone medication), and biological fertility preservation, such as egg freeze, ovarian tissue freeze, sperm freeze and testicular biopsy.

Project lead: Sachi Bajaj

Better at Home: Expansion of Peter Mac HITH

The Health Service Partnerships were established as an enduring element of the Victorian health system.  While preserving local autonomy, the Health Service Partnership model requires health services to work together on a small number of strategic system priorities that can be enhanced through working in collaboration.  This includes the implementation of the Better at Home initiative, giving more Victorians the opportunity to receive their hospital care at home.  Working with Peter Mac, WCMICS will lend project management expertise in the expansion of their Peter Mac @ Home program.

Project lead: Dilu Rupassara

Enhancing reach and access to cancer education

In collaboration with partner health services; WCMICS has developed a suite of audio-visual patient resources to compliment pre-treatment and discharge education.  These resources will be translated into languages other than English to ensure equity of access to timely cancer information. These are now available here.

Project lead: Kate Whitehead

Expansion of My Cancer Diagnosis Explained (MCDE)

A cancer diagnosis can be confronting and overwhelming for patients and carers.  Often important information is missed or misunderstood in this stressful context without the aide of written material.  MCDE is an easy to follow resource given to patients and carers to take home.  It complements the consultation by capturing key pieces about diagnosis and "what next?", specifically for that patient.

Project lead: Freza Fulia

Access to psycho-oncology for people affected by cancer

Anxiety, depression and fear of recurrence are prevalent in people affected by cancer.  These symptoms left undetected or under treated is associated with reduced quality of life.  WCMICS is working with Peter Mac psycho-oncology health professionals to develop an online assessment and resource platform to met the growing need for tailored psychological support.  Visit today.

Project Lead: Tara Gannon

WCMICS local work

The Victorian Integrated Cancer Services are supported by the Victorian Government 

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The Victorian Integrated Cancer Services acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of the land and acknowledges and pays respect to their Elders, past and present. We celebrate, value and include people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, cultures, bodies and abilities.

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