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About VICS


The Victorian Integrated Cancer Services (VICS) are Victoria's cancer services improvement network.


We are nine Integrated Cancer Services located across Victoria, eight adult cancer services (three metropolitan and five regional), and one statewide paediatric service.

We build relationships between healthcare providers and other cancer care stakeholders to develop, implement and evaluate initiatives that improve the way Victoria’s health services provide care and support. 

The ICS activity supports the achievement of three of the five goals stated in the Victorian cancer plan, namely that:

  • Victorians know their risk and have cancers detected earlier;

  • Victorians with cancer have timely access to optimal treatment; and

  • Victorians with cancer and their families live well

We are working towards better care and outcomes for all Victorians affected by cancer.

 Our Vision

patient experiences
and outcomes by
connecting cancer care
and driving best practice.

vision mission


Working in partnership with government, the cancer sector and people affected by cancer to understand unmet needs and drive evidence based improvements

How We Work


Accelerating opportunities to expand the quality and reach of cancer services to improve access to and equity of care


Creating new and different ways to deliver cancer services and support change that benefits the entire cancer community

How do wedo it
The ICS Regions

The eight Integrated Cancer Services each represent a discrete geographic region within Victoria, with one solely dedicated to statewide paediatric cancer services. 

Local projects address challenges specific to each area and statewide projects use the resources of all ICS to implement at a greater scale.

VICS Vector region maps.png
ICS region
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