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Consumer Engagement

GRICS Consumer Reference Group


The GRICS Consumer Reference Group (CRG) was established in 2010 and has matured to provide a unique perspective reflecting on what services our community might value and anticipate. Its members offer a valued and meaningful contribution to the projects GRICS undertake across the region.


Consumer participation acknowledges and values the input of patients, carers and community members who have experienced the cancer journey. GRICS is committed to ensuring that the CRG is a positive, information sharing partnership. As such, CRG members inform GRICS about the needs of local cancer patients and any gaps in service delivery they identify and share any pertinent information and knowledge garnered from the meetings across their local community networks. Membership is open to anyone with a lived experience of cancer, including carers.

For more information, please contact Michelle or Hayley on 03 5128 0138 or alternately click on the following button.

GRICS Help Book

Gippsland Local Service Directory – Handy Essentials for Local Patients 2017 (HELP book) is available by clicking on the image on the right provided.


The Help Book was developed by the GRICS Consumer Reference Group in response to requests by local cancer patients to be able to find and locate what services are available to assist them in their local area. 

GRICS would like to extend its thanks to the members of the GRICS Consumer Reference Group and those community members who have assisted in the creation, development and review of this document. For more information please contact GRICS on 03 5128 0138.

Multidisciplinary Team Meetings

A cancer multidisciplinary team meeting (MDM) is a purposeful, consistent meeting, involving a range of health professionals with expertise in the diagnosis and management of cancer, with the purpose of facilitating best-practice management of all newly diagnosed patients. The meetings provide a forum which promotes open communication between clinicians across the spectrum of healthcare professions in the formulation, development and implementation of individualised treatment plans for cancer patients across the region.


There are a number of MDMs held in Gippsland, hosted by the Gippsland Cancer Care Centre, which discuss patients newly diagnosed with breast, colorectal, upper gastrointestinal, skin, lung, and lymphoma, cancers. Additionally, there is a dedicated MDM for discussion of patients with advanced disease.


Local clinicians including surgeons, medical oncologist, radiation oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, specialist nurses and allied health professionals support the Gippsland meetings. We are also very fortunate that we are able to access expertise from various specialist metropolitan services via video and teleconferencing and more recently, due to the current COVID-19 conditions, an online virtual platform. This level of commitment and participation can also reassure patients that their treatment providers are working together as a team to produce the optimal treatment options, including clinical trial eligibility for them.


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