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Our Vision & Strategic Priorities

Hume Regional Integrated Cancer Service (HRICS) is one of nine Integrated Cancer Services in Victoria, working in partnership with health services to promote coordinated planning, system integration and improvement of cancer services across their respective regions. 

Our Mission

  • Understanding the needs of people affected by cancer

  • Building and supporting collaboration between health professionals, health services and consumers

  • Driving quality improvement in cancer care

  • Supporting development of the cancer workforce

  • Facilitating system-wide engagement in cancer research

 Our Vision

patient experiences
and outcomes by
connecting cancer care
and driving best practice.

Strategic Goals 

 A Networked Cancer Care System 

  • Link services involved in cancer care (across all sectors including cancer centres, health services, community organisations) and work with these health services and health professionals to align priorities

  • Strengthen linkages between metropolitan and regional cancer service providers

  • Engage consumers and communities in the work of the ICS

 High Quality Cancer Care 

  • Implement the Optimal Care Pathways including improvements to multidisciplinary care, supportive care and care coordination

  • Analyse available data and information of relevant clinical evidence/innovation and disseminate it to drive quality improvement

  • Support providers to apply cost-benefit considerations to care/service planning and delivery

  • Continue state-wide tumour summits to drive consistent cancer care across tumour streams

  • Continue to drive improvements in the patient experience of cancer care

  • Continue to support workforce development initiatives

 Research Informed Cancer Care System 

  • Encourage providers to participate in clinical trials programs

  • Support health services research

  • Foster robust evaluation of cancer programs, models of care and ICS initiatives

 HRICS Governance Group - Executive Committee 

  • Mr Mark Ashcroft (Chair), Chief Executive Officer, Beechworth Health

  • VACANT (Deputy Chair)

  • Dr Craig Underhill, Region Clinical Director, Ovens Murray

  • Dr Javier Torres, Region Clinical Director, Goulburn

  • Ms Donna Sheringham Executive Director Clinical Operations, GV Health

  • Ms Libby Fifis, Chief Executive Officer, Northeast Heath Wangaratta

  • Ms Patricia Collier, Divisional Operations Director, GV Health 

  • Ms Lynsey Blackshaw, Regional Lead, Murray PHN

  • Ms Claire Marshall, Representative, Department of Health 

  • Ms Annie Williams, Program Manager, Hume Regional Integrated Cancer Service

  • Mr Brendan Foley, General Manager, GenesisCare

  • Ms Sheryl Keir,  Chief Executive Officer, Ramsay Health Care

  • Mr Bill Appleby, Chief Executive Officer, Albury Wodonga Health

  • Ms Diane Davey, Operations Manager, Albury Wodonga Regional Cancer Centre

  • Mr Brett Walters, Chief Executive Officer, Shepparton Private Hospital

our region
Our Region

Cancer care in our region

HRICS is located in Northeast Victoria and supports a wide catchment that extends from Southern New South Wales (NSW) to the northern growth corridor of metropolitan Melbourne.  
Unique in its cross-border structure, HRICS is comprised of two clinical areas: Ovens Murray and Goulburn. The combined population for the HRICS primary catchment area is over 330,000.


Local Government Area:

  • Alpine

  • Albury

  • Benalla

  • Greater Shepparton

  • Indigo

  • Mansfield

  • Mitchell

  • Moira

  • Murrindindi

  • Strathbogie

  • Towong

  • Wangaratta

  • Wodonga

Hume Regional ICS
Get Involved - Become a Consumer Representative


Is it for me?

Have you or your loved ones had any experience of cancer care in the Hume Region.
We welcome anyone with experience of cancer whether as a patient or a carer.

We value your experience and greatly appreciate peoples’ willingness to work with us to improve services.


What can I do?

You can join, attend or participate in any of the following:
•    strategic direction and 
      policy development
•    focus groups

•    conferences and education forums

•    consumer networks: 
     -   Information dissemination 
     -   capacity building
•    committee memberships:
     -   ICS Governance 
     -   Project steering 

     -   Tumour group 
•    surveys
•    peer support

supportive care.png

How we support you

However you choose to be involved,    we will support you along the way.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Consumer roles are voluntary with training and ongoing support provided.

As a consumer, I've enjoyed opportunities to contribute to online events and become involved in a grant allocation process.


Being a Consumer Adviser has given me a place where I can make meaning of my Cancer experience


It is one way to provide positive feedback to providers, and seek better treatment options and understanding of people with breast cancer.


Get involved
Partner Organisations

To improve the experience and outcomes for people with cancer and their families, HRICS has well formed partnerships with Health Services across the Hume Region.

We continue to build relationships with private hospitals and providers, pathology and imaging services, primary care networks and in research to improve service integration and coordination through care that is multidisciplinary, supportive and responsive to the needs of communities across the region.


Our partner health organisations are:

Goulburn Valley Health
Tallangatta Health
Seymour Health
Alpine Health
Alexandra District Health
Benalla Health
Shepparton private
Albury Wodonga Private Hospital
The Border Cancer Hospital
corryong health
Gateway Health
Euroa Health
Beechworth Health Service
Northeast Health Wangaratta
Albury Wodonga Health
Nagambie HealthCare
Yea & District Memorial Hospital
Kilmore District Hospital
Wangaratta Private Ramsay
Yackandandah Health
Yarrawonga Health

The Victorian Integrated Cancer Services are supported by the Victorian Government 

© 2020 Hume Regional Integrated Cancer Service

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