Optimal Cancer Care Pathways

Optimal Cancer Care Pathways
The optimal cancer care pathways (OCPs) outline the best cancer care for specific tumour types. The OCPs outline key principles for evidence based and best practice care at key points along the cancer care journey from prevention through to survivorship and end of life care. The OCPs are based primarily on current best practice and include references to clinical guidelines, standards and research. The OCPs have been endorsed by the National Cancer Expert Review Group (NCERG), Cancer Australia, Cancer Council Australia and the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council. The OCPs underpin the activities of the ICS in demonstrating and improving the provision of optimal cancer care.

Implementing Pathways for Cancer Early Diagnosis (I-PACED) Resources
In addition to the OCPs, resources for GPs involved in primary care have been developed which outline the implementation pathways for cancer early diagnosis. These I-PACED resources aim to increase early cancer detection and decrease late presentation of over ten cancer types, highlighting the recommendations in the optimal care pathways.

The resources provide information and tools to increase GP awareness about:
•    Prevention and risk factors relevant for each cancer
•    Screening and testing recommendations
•    Referral pathways
•    Evidence-based risk assessment tools which provide a positive predictive value for cancer

Murray HealthPathways

Murray HealthPathways is an online information portal supporting primary care clinicians to plan patient care through primary, community and secondary health care systems within the Murray region. The portal provides health information so that all members of a health care team – whether they work in a hospital or the community – can be on the same page when it comes to looking after a patient.

HealthPathways are designed to be used at the point of care, primarily for General Practitioners but is also available to Hospital Specialists, Nurses, Allied Health and other Health Professionals within the Murray.

Medical Oncology Services

A GP or Specialist referral is required for GV Health medical oncology services and must include current patient address and contact details, recent pathology and radiology results, past medical history and current medications.

There is no charge for public health service medical oncology outpatient appointments.
For urgent advice and referral after hours, telephone the GV Health switchboard on (03) 5832 2322 and page the 24-hour on-call Oncologist.

Peter Copulos Cancer and Wellness Centre
Goulburn Valley Health
Graham Street
Shepparton VIC 3630 
Phone: 03 5832 3777
Fax: 03 5832 2658
Email: oncology.mailaccount@gvhealth.org.au

Goulburn Valley Health Oncology Department provides outreach clinic consultation at Seymour Health and Kyabram District Health Services. Chemotherapy may be provided at these sites.
This service provides weekly face-to-face and telehealth Haematology clinics.

Lung Rapid Access Clinic
A GP or Specialist referral is required for the Lung Rapid Access Clinic, and must include current patient address and contact details, recent pathology and radiology results, including X-ray and CT, past medical history and current medications.
Patients with a confirmed or suspected lung cancer can be referred to GV Health Oncology for rapid access review and investigation by the medical oncologists. 

Symptom Urgent Review Clinic (SURC) 
Self-referral is accepted.

The Symptom Urgent Review Clinic is for patients currently receiving cancer treatment and experiencing side effects or other concerns related to their treatment.  It is a nurse-led clinic based in the Day Oncology Unit at GV Health hospital with support from medical oncologists.  Appointments can be conducted via the telephone, via telehealth (video call) and face to face.

Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5:00pm        
Phone: 0447 410 162


Public patients requiring radiotherapy must be initially referred to GV Health oncology in order to access treatment with no related out of pocket expenses.


A GP or Specialist referral is required, and must include current patient address and contact details, recent pathology and radiology results, past medical history, including recent and previous cancer treatment (if applicable) and current medications.

Albury Wodonga Regional Cancer Centre (AWRCC)

201 - 239 Borella Road, ALBURY NSW 2640

Border Cancer Hospital

PO Box 7276


Phone: 02 6064 1400

Fax: 02 6064 1444


The Border Cancer Hospital consists of a 28-chair day oncology ward and a 30-bed inpatient oncology ward, over two levels. The onsite medical consulting suites and radiotherapy centre are in close proximity ensuring a seamless experience for patients.

Oncology Nurse Clinic

Self-referrals are accepted.  Fees: phone service for details.

This service is for patients who are currently receiving or have recently completed cancer treatment at AWRCC and are experiencing side effects or other concerns related to their treatment.  Patients must contact the clinic before attending.  All other queries, contact the Day Oncology NUM.

Clinic opening hours: Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.00pm

Oncology Nurse Clinic: 02 6064 1583

Day Oncology: 02 6064 1481


Border Medical Oncology

A referral is required from a GP or Specialist clinician.  Fees: phone service for details.

Situated in the Albury-Wodonga Regional Cancer Centre, BMO provides Medical Oncology and Haematology services. An outreach service is provided to Northeast Health Wangaratta.

Border Medical Oncology also has a Research Unit providing oncology treatment via clinical trials.

Phone: 02 60641515

Fax: 02 6064 1516

Email: mail@bordermedonc.com.au


Research Unit

PO Box 7246, East Albury, NSW 2640




The Oncology Unit provides chemotherapy and supportive treatments for people with cancer or other chronic illnesses. During the first visit, education about treatment and any possible side effects will be provided. 

For medical oncology services and referral requirements please see Border Medical Oncology

Supportive Care Nurses

Cancer support nurses are located in the Oncology Unit at Northeast Health and offer support and information to those who are affected by cancer.

Phone: 03 5722 5194

Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse

Community Nursing

Offering support to those with a diagnosis of prostate cancer.

This service is available three days per week 8:30am to 4:30pm.  Please call to confirm days.

Phone: 03 5722 5355  


Breast & Gynaecological Cancer

Northeast Health’s breast care and gynaecological cancer service offer specialist support to women and men with breast cancer and to women with gynaecological cancers.

Phone: 03 5722 5355

Fax: 03 5722 5419



GenesisCare Shepparton

A GP or Specialist referral is required. Fees: phone service for details.


124 Corio Street Shepparton VIC 3630

Phone: 03 5825 9700

Fax: 03 5825 9710


GenesisCare Shepparton is a radiation therapy service providing patients with cancer treatment close to home within Greater Shepparton.  GenesisCare works in partnership with Goulburn Valley Health to provide seamless support with integral services based on the personalisation of treatments under a multidisciplinary care model. 


Centre opening hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm


GenesisCare Albury

A GP or Specialist referral is required. Fees: phone service for details.


Corner of Borella Road and East Street, East Albury, VIC, 2640

Phone: 02 6043 7800

Fax : 02 6024 1418

Email: awreception@genesiscare.com


GenesisCare Albury Wodonga is located within the purpose-built Albury Wodonga Regional Cancer Centre (AWRCC) providing immediate access to radiation therapy treatment for all patients.  GenesisCare Albury also partners with Live Life Get Active Camps (LLGA) offering free fitness sessions and a like-minded community.

Supportive Care Nurses

Sonia Strachan



Katie Emanuelli

Bowel and Upper GI


Michelle Parish

McGrath Breast Nurse


Nicole Lewis



Paula Norman

Cancer Care Coordinator

(public patients only)


Melissa Gilmour

Breast and Gynaecology

(public patients only)


Self-referral accepted; contact GV Health Oncology Department. Phone: 03 5832-3777

Kate Robinson

Cancer Care Coordinator

E: KateM.Robinson@awh.org.au

P: 02 6064 1539

Nicole Webb

McGrath Breast Care Nurse

E: Nicole.Webb@awh.org.au

P: 0428 284 642

Border Cancer Hospital

PO Box 7276


P: 02 6064 1400

F: 02 6064 1444

Nicole Webb

Cancer Care Coordinator

E: Nicole.Webb@awh.org.au

P: 02 6064 1539

Gabi Pulla

McGrath Breast Care Nurse

E: Gabi.Pulla@awh.org.au

P: 0428 022 844

Clinical trials

Clinical trials are an essential part of the development of new interventions and tests that will help your patients and may alleviate the symptoms of their disease or condition.

The resources on this site are designed to assist with this process by providing information and guidance. 

Useful Information

Australian and New Zealand Clinical Trials Register   http://www.anzctr.org.au/ 

Australian Cancer Trials Registry


Cancer Council Victoria’s Cancer Australia-Australian Cancer Trials


Cancer Institute NSW     


Cancer Trials Australia


Australian Government National Health and Medical Research Council


GV Health Oncology Clinical Trials
GV Health currently participates in national and international trials to access new treatments that contribute to medical research.  For enquiries about current trials or participation, contact the Clinical Trials Co-Ordinator on (03) 5832 3777.

Albury Wodonga Regional Cancer Centre Oncology Clinical Trials
Border Medical Oncology
Ph: 02 6064 1515
Fax: 02 6064 1516
Email: mail@bordermedonc.com.au

Palliative Care Services

The Hume Region Palliative Care Consortium (HRPCC) comprises of representation from seven organisations funded by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to provide specialist palliative care services in the Hume Region.

The primary role of the consortium is to provide leadership and direction for Palliative Care in the region guided by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria’s end of life and palliative care framework.

Palliative Care service’s in the Hume Region are provided by:
•    Physicians in Palliative Medicine
•    Palliative Care Nurse Practitioners/Candidate
•    Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Consultants
•    Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Specialists
•    Registered Nurses
•    Social Workers
•    Family Support Workers
•    Occupational Therapists
•    Bereavement Support Coordinators
•    Volunteers

When referring to Palliative Care please include the following information:
•    Recent pathology results
•    Recent radiology results
•    Current medication list
•    Other relevant information

Please phone the palliative care service prior to sending a referral.

Palliative Care Consultancy Referral

Referrals are accepted from medical, nursing or community palliative care.

Outpatient clinics 
A medical referral is required.

Shepparton Ph: (03) 5831 0018
Wodonga Ph: (02) 6051 7423
Wangaratta Ph: (02) 6051 7423

Goulburn Region Palliative Care Consultancy Service
Graham St, Shepparton, Vic., 3530
Phone: (03) 5831 0018
Fax: (03) 5832 2394
Mobile: 0438 842 389
Email: Pall.Consultancy@gvhealth.org.au


East Hume Palliative Care Consultancy Service
PO Box 326, Albury, NSW, 2640
Phone: (02) 6051 7423
Fax: (02) 6058 4314
Email: Palliative.Care@awh.org.au 

Community Palliative Care Services - Hospital Locations

  • Referrals are accepted from medical, nursing, allied health, and other health professionals.

  • Client consent is required.

  • Self-referral is also welcome by calling a Community Palliative Care Service to make an enquiry.

  • Goulburn Valley Hospice Care Service preferred referral method – PalCare e-referral via website.

Moira Palliative Care Service
NCN Health

Ph: (03) 5862 0558
Fax: (03) 5862 0569

Goulburn Valley Hospice Care Service
Ph: (03) 5822 0068
Fax: (03) 5831 6570

Benalla Palliative Care Service
Benalla Health

Ph: (03) 5761 4207
Fax: (03) 5761 4211

Lower Hume Palliative Care Service
Seymour Health

Ph: (03) 5735 8070
Fax: (03) 5735 8067


NHW Palliative Care Service
Northeast Health Wangaratta

Ph: (03) 5722 5184
Fax: (03) 5722 5419


Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre(ACSC)
Over 1 million Australians are living with or beyond their cancer diagnosis.
This is due to advances in early detection, better treatments and ageing of the population. Many of these people go on to lead normal if not extraordinary lives, while for some cancer has a lasting impact. This can include ongoing side effects of treatment, fear of a cancer relapse or other physical, emotional, financial and social concerns.

In the past, cancer care has focused on diagnosis and treatment. However, international research shows it is just as important to help cancer survivors cope with life beyond their acute treatment. It is important that survivors receive the right information and support at the right time.


Cancer Wellness Programs
Clinical research has established exercise as a safe and effective intervention to counteract many of the adverse physical and psychological effects of cancer and its treatment. Find out more about exercise and cancer using the buttons below.



Cancer Wellness & Exercise Program
This free 8-week exercise and education program can provide you with information and help, and also help you and those around you develop practical strategies for managing life now and moving to wellness. 

This program is run by trained health professionals, supported by Cancer Council Victoria, GV Health, Northeast Health, NCN Health & Seymour Health.   

This local group program can assist you to: 
•    Increase your fitness and strength 
•    Improve your ability to perform daily tasks 
•    Learn how to manage life now 
•    Identify local support services available 
•    Better manage fatigue 
•    Adjust to physical and emotional changes after cancer treatment 

To find out more about the Cancer Wellness & Exercise program please contact your local health service:

GV Health: Allied Health team on 1800 222 582 (select option 4) 
Northeast Health Wangaratta: (03)5722 5523
NCN Health Numurkah: (03) 5832 0560
Seymour Health: (03) 5735 8050


Albury Wodonga Health / Albury Wodonga Regional Cancer Centre
The AWRCC wellness program offers an exercise program (currently held virtually), mindfulness sessions, physio and massage.
Call the Wellness Centre Coordinator on 02 6064 1562 for further details.

Primary Care Connect – Community Cancer Exercise Program
This is a continuation of the GV Health Cancer Wellness & Exercise Program.  The program is available a few times per week and requires a referral from the GVH exercise physiologist post completion of the GV Health Cancer Wellness & Exercise Program.  


Primary Care Connect 
399 Wyndham Street, 
Phone: (03) 5823 3200 
Website: www.primarycareconnect.com.au
Email: exercisehealth@primarycareconnect.com.au

Multidisciplinary team meetings

Multidisciplinary care
Multidisciplinary care aims to ensure that members of the treatment and care team can discuss all aspects of a cancer patients physical and supportive care needs and any other factors that may impact on their treatment and care.
They are an avenue for specialists and allied health care workers to come together and strategise a recommended treatment plan and to support best practice for their patients.
Multidisciplinary team meetings held in the Hume RICS region are listed below.

Multidisciplinary team meetings

Ovens Murray
•    Albury Wodonga Supportive Care Meeting (weekly)
•    Breast (fortnightly)
•    Gastro-Intestinal (fortnightly)
•    Head and Neck (fortnightly)
•    Lymphoma (weekly with Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre)
•    Rapid Access Lung Clinic/MDM (weekly)
•    Urology (monthly)
•    Northeast Health Wangaratta general tumour stream (fortnightly)

•    Breast (fortnightly)
•    Gastro-intestinal (fortnightly)
•    Gynaecological (as required with RWH via teleconference)
•    Lung (fortnightly)
•    Skin (Fortnightly)
•    Supportive Care (fortnightly)
•    Urology (fortnightly with SVH via video conference)

Data Requests

Data Requests
HRICS is able to supply data to health services in the Goulburn catchment of Hume (including list of UR numbers) for the purposes of informing service delivery and opportunities for improvement, demand and gap analysis, and for research purposes (provided appropriate ethics approval has been granted). The data supplied is extracted from the Victorian Admitted Episode dataset (VAED). As not all admitted patient activity for the health services in the Oven’s Murray catchment of Hume is captured in the VAED only limited data is available for the health services in this catchment.

HRICS has developed the Data Analysis Request Form to enable health care professionals working in the Hume Region to apply for data and analysis reports as below.


The Victorian Integrated Cancer Services are supported by the Victorian Government 

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