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Victorian Tumour Summits

Lead ICS:

North Eastern Metropolitan Integrated Cancer Service


Clinician-led forums identify variations in clinical practice and cancer outcomes that can be improved through state-wide action.

Each summit has a focus on an individual tumour stream. Multidisciplinary  working parties guide the planning, data analysis and presentation, and provide recommendations for future work.

Prostate Cancer Outcomes Registry – Unmet Needs Survey

This project in collaboration with the Prostate Cancer Outcomes Registry (PCOR) examines the supportive care needs of men with prostate cancer. 

This project is expected to be finalised by February 2021.

Lead ICS:

Grampians Integrated Cancer Service (GICS)

Care of the older person with cancer 

The VICS Care of the Older Person with Cancer Toolkit has been developed to assist health services and ICS improve the care of the older person with cancer.


The toolkit provides information to help identify and address existing barriers, examples of existing geriatric oncology services and key resources including how-to guides, education opportunities and patient resources.

In 2019, a Geriatric Oncology Statewide Scoping project was undertaken by SMICS with funding from the VICS. The project aim was to gain comprehensive understanding of the current geriatric oncology services and models of care, guidelines and other resources available for use with older persons with cancer.

Lead ICS:

Southern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service (SMICS)

Hume Regional Integrated Cancer Service (HRICS)

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Palliative Care and Advance Care Planning Scoping Project

The timeliness of advance care planning (ACP) and referral to palliative care for people with metastatic cancer were identified as possible areas for improvement following the Lung and Pancreatic Tumour Summits in 2018. 

A scoping project is reviewing the practice of palliative care referrals and advance care planning discussions across the state.

Three pieces of work are in progress; a data linkage project, a qualitative medical record review and a gap analysis of advance care planning in Victorian health services.

Lead ICS:

Barwon South Western Regional Integrated Cancer Service


Addressing Variation In Outcomes Related To Disadvantaged Groups

VICS recognise that improving access to cancer care for disadvantaged groups is important for achieving health equity. 
It is well understood that variation in cancer outcomes exists across the state. It is less clear why these variations occur and how to address them. 

In 2019 VICS commissioned a scoping report Addressing variation in outcomes related to disadvantaged groups. This report provides a starting point in improving outcomes for disadvantaged groups across Victoria and can be accessed using the download button on the left.

Lead ICS:

North Eastern Metropolitan Integrated Cancer Service