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WCMICS annual report 2020-21

WCMICS is excited to share our Annual Report 2020-2021.

It has been yet another year of challenges and resilience with the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacting the way we live, work and care for our community. 

However despite these demands on our health system in responding to the pandemic, WCMICS continued its support of our partner health services, adapting and innovating, in our shared pursuit of improving patient experiences and outcomes by connecting cancer care and driving best practice.

Yet amid the chaos of the past year, we have many achievements to celebrate!


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Chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant patient education videos

Patients often struggle to retain the amount of new information received in education sessions which can lead to poor retention, repetitive questions and limited engagement in their care. 

We have developed short animated videos for nurses to show patients during education sessions. The videos complement exisitng education practices, providing consistent bite-size information.

Analyzing the data
Accessing WCMICS Data & Information Service

WCMICS provides free Information and Data Management services to our member organisations, to help fulfil our role to encourage collaboration within the WCMICS network, and support evidence-based service development.

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Telehealth resources

Telehealth is the secure transmission of a clinical consultation by videoconference over the internet. It is a convenient option for consultations with health professionals without you having to travel to the hospitals.

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My Cancer Diagnosis Explained

My Cancer Diagnosis Explained (MCDE) is a resource that is used to provide patients and their carers, individualised written information at the time a patient is first told of their cancer diagnosis.

MCDE supports the ‘diagnosis and next steps’ conversation.

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