Financial and legal

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Financial and legal

During your care and treatment you may face different medical and treatment-related costs. What you pay will depend on whether you are treated as a public or private patient; the type of hospital/service you attend and the sorts of medication/equipment needs you might have. You may also have to cover the costs of travel and accommodation to attend medical appointments.

It is a good idea to keep a record of your medical and treatment-related costs and travel requirements. This may help you to:

  • claim financial assistance or support

  • claim from your health fund or other insurance providers

  • manage your financial expenses

  • keep records for taxation reasons

  • claim travel and accommodation costs

  • apply for benefits, pensions or reimbursements

  • keep records of when you reach limits such as the Safety Net for Medicare or the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, or your private health fund limits.

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Financial and legal support

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Legal matters - advance care planning

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Legal matters - advance care directives

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Medical and treatment-related costs

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Travel-related costs